LENS Immersive

LENS Immersive

Waterloo, ON, Canada

About LENS Immersive

LENS was founded in 2015 in Sydney, Australia by Yan Chen and Travis Rice, Americans with backgrounds in Hollywood visual effects, technology, motion picture production, and experimental fine arts. The core thesis for the new company LENS was the coming of a new format for film consumption – immersive VR cinema.

In 18 months since founding, and now with offices in Waterloo, Canada they have built a streaming infrastructure and VR distribution platform supported by three core pillars:

  • TORII: Proprietary video encoding for digital content (TV, mobile, VR, AR) that provides high resolution streaming at double the speed and a quarter of the cost of industry leaders
  • LENS: VR Streaming platform supporting live video, DRM, advertising, custom portals and a payment gateway on all existing VR devices. Scalable, White-label and AR ready. LENS Immersive is an online streaming content delivery system, specific and unique to virtual reality hardware, including, but not limited to, Sony Playstation VR, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard VR
  • PIONEER AR/VR Studio: Executive production, development and acquisition of new format, AR and VRPlus content.

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