Posted Feb 09

Computer Vision & Deep Learning Engineer

Berlin, Germany Full Time

You will help take breakthrough computer vision and machine learning algorithms out of the labs, and put them into new mass-market products for Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Our team of computer vision engineers has worked on real-time panorama stitching and mobile deep learning for more than six years. We pride ourselves with constantly pushing the boundaries of current research, being active researchers and inventors in the field ourselves. At the same time we are engineers at heart, never settling until we have optimized an implementation to be as robust and fast as possible.


  • Design, prototype and benchmark algorithms for mobile real-time mixed reality
  • Work closely with backend / mobile engineers to implement user-facing products for the next big video content platform
  • Research recent innovations in the field of computer vision, deep learning and computer graphics
  • Inform and guide product as well as company decisions with feedback from current research.


  • PhD in Computer Vision or similar, alternatively a comparable industry career, with significant experience in state-of-the-art Computer Vision and Machine Learning
  • Experience in training neural networks for visual tasks
  • There’s no such thing as a “doesn’t work” attitude
  • Estimate your work and deliver on time working in an Agile process

Special Qualifications:

  • Experience with building and maintaining large-scale deep learning data pipelines
  • Experience in optimizing neural network weights for execution speed on mobile devices
  • Skillful in data visualization

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Additional Application Instructions

Include CV, Linkedin and/or Github. Also, include availability and if open to relocation or remote only.

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