Posted Feb 20

Lead Unity Developer

Brooklyn, NY, United States Freelance

We're looking for a NYC based Unity VR developer to join in alongside the world-class creative team at Scatter and the DepthKit volumetric capture team as the lead developer for our upcoming room-scale cinematic VR project Blackout.

Blackout is virtual reality documentary letting viewers experience the thoughts of real life New Yorkers in volumetric VR. The subjects of the documentary are invited from all throughout the city of New York to be interviewed and volumetrically captured with DepthKit. Participants are then able to experience themselves alongside their urban peers within the virtual Subway in the HTC Vive. Every viewing on the train will have new, generatively placed cast of characters to experience. As the viewer drifting through the train car, you are able to read their thoughts as they contemplate timely themes reflecting what's on the public consciousnesses today. The experience will then be made available on all majfor VR distribution platforms, desktop and Mobile.

Role: Lead Developer, Unity
Development Period: Now - End of April

Create the game engine and sequencing logic for Blackout VR experience premiering in April. You'll be working with the DepthKit volumetric video plug-in to place the cast within the Unity game scene of the subway train- implementing interaction design mechanics, spatial sound, game logic sequencing, integrating 3D & 2D assets from the game art team, and implementing the design direction look through use of lens & image effect chains.

Skills required:

  • Deep understanding of Unity's scripting engine.
  • Advanced C# coding skills.
  • Understanding of texturing and material system specific to Unity, specifically procedural materials generated by Substance Designer.
  • Fluency with Unity's lighting and post effects system for VR (precomputed realtime GI configuration, anti-aliasing, static geometry & light baking)
  • Familiarity with custom surface shader construction a plus
  • Comfort using Git source control configured with LFS on a large team.
You will be starting with the existing game scene that has already been built as well as a work-in-progress DepthKit plug in. New game art and plug-ins will be provided throughout on a schedule coordinated with the game production timeline.

Additional Application Instructions

Please include a portfolio link or code sample in your applications

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