Posted Mar 22
Gamefund Ltd.

GameFund - We'll Get Your VR Project Funded

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Dear Developers,

Would you be interested in joining as an official consortium partner?

- Your team will have full VIP access to our crowdfunding toolset, campaign widget embedding, and fully editable campaign page.

- All of your awesome, innovative games and VR-projects will get the absolute most top priority.

- We'll even advertise your game projects.

- Access to over 10,000 registered user base. Growing every day.

All for free, you simply have to be a game developer who dreams big.


An industry first - our game-funding platform has been established to help develop the independent games sector. By offering an extra layer of support and guidance to all our members, we can help you create, grow and fund your game campaign. The first dedicated game-funding platform.

We aim to revitalise the gaming industry by placing the developer and community at the forefront of the decision-making process. You have the talent and we have the ecosystem/platform. We'll help you to create more jobs in your company whilst promoting existing teams who seek to streamline the development process.

By building a strong community, we strongly believe that we can help increase the amount of new games that idea-driven gamers what to see made. These are the types of games that, unfortunately, would never see the light of day. We aim to change this and the result will be lower cost, efficient games funded by the gaming community, for the gaming community. In short, we’re working tirelessly to support and future-proof an already changing industry.

That's why we've created the Game Fund initiative - for you.

Thank you for your time,

Gamefund, Inc.



The next generation of game development has arrived.

Giving power back to you, the community.

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