Posted Nov 16

3D Artist/Modeler

Menlo Park, CA, United States Full Time

3D Artist/Modeler Job Responsibilities:

3D Artists at STRIVR will be responsible for creating 3D assets from scratch, using the progra 3D Studio Max, for use in STRIVR’s interactive simulations and training products. Artists should also be comfortable searching for usable art on 3D art databases (like Turbosquid, downloading those assets, and manipulating them for use in our content.

3D Artist/Modeler Skills and Qualifications:

  • You’re excited about VR, real­time computer graphics, imagination, illustration, drawing, interaction and multimedia.
  • You have proficiency in: 3D Studio Max, OpenSceneGraph, Model optimization for real time rendering, poly and drawable reduction, texture baking. Blender, Maya, etc. a plus.
  • You’re in the mood to sprint and autonomously build the material and visual elements of a complete virtual world.
  • You are comfortable with standard 2D editing tools as well. Photoshop, etc.
  • You have availability to dedicate many hours day after day over the next few weeks.
  • You care about the quality of your work, end product, and coworker interactions.
  • You are well ­versed with real time graphics (e.g. 3D games) in general, VR in particular.
  • You take pride in making assets that others can enjoy working with, and building upon.
  • You’re interested in using this contract job as a gateway to full-­time regular employment with STRIVR.


STRIVR Labs (STRIVR) is one of the industry's leaders in virtual reality training and sports fan experiences. Used by some of the world's top organizations, including professional football teams and Fortune 100 companies, our platform leverages virtual reality technology to improve human performance. STRIVR enables organizations to better prepare their employees - whether they are quarterbacks or store managers - to succeed in their jobs. For fans, STRIVR gets them inside the action with exclusive access and professional-grade experiences. We're looking to add new team members who are ready to hustle, solve difficult problems with cutting edge technology and leave a lasting impact..

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