Posted Dec 05


Los Angeles, CA, United States Part Time

making360 started as an open source book for 360 creators to learn about the common problems in producing immersive 360 videos. making360 is turning into a production/management company and we hope to continue producing some of the best 360 experiences out there, so join us now!

artists, pioneers, adventurers, astronauts, cowboys and cowgirls; basically anyone who wants to start experimenting on this new medium can join us. we have paved a path and laid stepping stones across this great divide for you to cross the river and join us in exploring a new land!

as a producer for making360, you will be responsible for preparing pitch decks and pre-production spreadsheets as well as coordinating multiple shoots each month. you will also learn about the technical challenges of shooting and stitching 360 videos. you will travel when necessary and be responsible for building great relationships with the different productions involved in a 360 shoot. social skills are a must!

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    Dec 05

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