Posted Dec 14

Developer Tech Support Agent III

Menlo Park, CA, United States Temporary

As a Developer Tech Support Agent, you’ll be working within the our Developer Center as well as assisting with the day-to- day operations of the our Publishing team. You will handle developer support inquiries (with a focus on technical issues) via existing/upcoming tools and will assist the Developer Relations Engineering manager in all duties related to Developer Support.

Long-term Vision:

  • You'll communicate with developers through available support channels and create appropriate messaging to be utilized by the support staff.
  • You’ll help identify and build processes and systems to maximize one to many support within the community and minimize the time taken for direct support.
  • You’ll build processes to track bugs and their frequency within the Software Development Kits (SDKs) and to communicate these to the SDK teams.
  • You'll assist the Developer Relations Engineering manager in maintaining our long-term support strategy that will deliver top-tier support to developers of products and services.

Immediate Activities:

  • Respond to developer support queries from all available developer support channels (e.g. forums, hardware requests, support tickets). Your primary focus will be around queries of a technical nature.
  • Create or modify answers in the Developer Center to frequently asked questions from all developer support channels.
  • Create or modify and ship samples that illustrate solutions to frequently asked technical questions from all developer support channels.
  • Create new or extend existing documentation to accommodate for frequently asked questions.
  • 2+ years of customer service experience
  • 1+ year of professional C++ and 3D graphics experience or 2+ years of Unity 3D C# programming experience.
  • Strong communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Ability to de-escalate emotional situations quickly and effectively while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction
  • Extensive knowledge of the gaming and/or consumer electronics industries
  • Excellent organization skills while managing multiple ongoing projects
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, start-up environment
  • Experience in hardware, or game development a plus
  • Experience in Unreal Engine development a plus

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