Potcharapol Suteparuk

Potcharapol Suteparuk

San Francisco Bay Area

Software Engineer at Rocket Fuel Inc.

Software Engineer at Rocket Fuel Inc.

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    I am a software engineer with a broad skill set that includes computer vision, computer graphics, geometry processing, machine learning, optimization, and web applications.

    Job experience

    • September 2014 - present
      Software Engineer
      Rocket Fuel Inc.
      Redwood City, CA, United States

      Full-stack engineer supporting an application of a programmatic advertising company.

    • June 2014 - September 2014
      Software Engineering Intern

      Front-end developer supporting the Adobe Creative Cloud purchase system. Develop a feature flag management to easily enable and disable application features on all environments from local to production. Design a more robust and faster test automation workflow to reduce deployment process time and safely guard against critical system outage.

    • June 2013 - December 2013
      Research Assistant
      Stanford University

      Understanding and Mapping Brain Shapes
      Applied the geometric machinery developed for computer graphics and machine learning application to brain shape data obtained from medical scans. Explored 3D mesh descriptors such as Heat Kernel Signature that can effectively learn the mapping between segments from one brain to another. Developed and modified appropriate techniques and descriptors that will work well on brain surfaces.
      (Advised by: Justin Solomon, Adrian Butscher, Prof. Leo Guibas)