Alex Coulombe

Alex Coulombe

Greater New York City Area

Designer/Consultant at Fisher Dachs Associates Theatre Planning & Design, Freelance at alexCoulombe Creative

Designer/Consultant/VR Futurist at Fisher Dachs Associates, Theatre Planning & Design



    Alex has a relentless desire to make stuff: architecture, virtual reality apps, board games, video games, youtube videos, desktop virtual reality, mobile phone virtual reality, digital music, acoustic music, animations, blogs, renderings, VFX, interactive sightline presentations, short films, plays, and edible food are just a few of the things he's made lately. And he can't wait to make something new! Specialties: Revit (BIM), 3D Modeling, Visualization, Film Editing, Experience Design, Oculus VR/Google Cardboard VR

    Job experience

    • May 2014 - present
      alexCoulombe Creative

      Random creative projects for random creative clients. Some highlights:

      Late Night with Stephen Colbert | Developed a projection mapping system for the new Ed Sullivan Theater by creating an app that allows for projectors to be aimed and configured in a VR environment

      NYMag/Vulture | Crafting mash-up videos of various pop culture phenomena. Recent project: Spider-Gwen fake movie trailer. | Starship Icarus - Greenscreen/Camera tracking work on multiple episodes of this award-winning sci-fi webseries. Ongoing work editing video and images for other various cracked projects from February 2015 - present

      Jules Fisher | Broadway Lighting Design Masterclass - Video portfolios/introductions for Twyla Tharp, Jennifer Tipton, Japhy Weideman, Don Holder, Mark Barton, and David Weiner

      Equinox | 52nd Street Facade Renders - Tight-deadline turnaround on a parking garage renovation concept, adding storefronts for SoulCycle, Sweet Green, and Blink Fitness

      Fisher Marantz Stone | Trained CAD-based lighting design team to utilize Revit in a manner specific to their needs and meet a quick deadline for a 100% DD Issue.

    • March 2012 - present
      Designer/Consultant/VR Futurist
      Fisher Dachs Associates, Theatre Planning & Design

      Responsibilities include 3D design, animation, interaction modeling, refinement of pre-existing designs, code compliance, seating layout, and sightline studies.

      Currently spearheading a new workflow for helping clients experience architectural space, utilizing the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, Google Cardboard mobile phone VR headset, Javascript/C# coding, and the video game engine Unity.

      Programs used include: AutoCAD, Unity, Revit, Oculus Rift SDK, 3ds Max, Sketchup, Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator, Vray, Custom Excel.