Paul Rothbein

Paul Rothbein

Greater Los Angeles Area


CEO at Perspective Media



    I run ARLA Meetup group and a big VR enthusiasts and have hosted events with up to 200 people in Los Angeles and NYC. Looking to work for a VR company that allows me to use my outreach skills independently as opposed to a micro-managed work environment.

    Job experience

    • 2014 - present
      Perspective Media

      . This is for an alternative media source.

      Internet media produces content and feeds you content based on what you have clicked on. Conventional news provides content about what just happened. Perspective Media provides fiction to inspire people to see the potential impact of the game changers of today and the impact of a sudden event. This is storytelling that aims to inspire people to understand more about the news of today while encouraging people to imagine the future.

    • 2010 - present
      Event Planner and Futurist
      Placerville SEO

      This is a business social network dedicated to helping members meet like minded business people in a casual yet productive environment through Meetups located in the Los Angeles area. They can learn about current events and future events that may impact their business and their personal lives.