Peter Williams

Peter Williams

Dublin, ca

Unity VR programmer

Unity Engineer at Nod Labs

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A computer graphics programmer who has spent the last year helping to solve the input problem in Virtual Reality. Has nine years of experience working on the graphics engine for AutoCAD. Experienced with technologies such as Unity3D, GearVR, and Oculus Rift.

Job experience

  • September 2014 - present
    Unity Engineer
    Nod Labs
    Mountain View

    Wrote public Nod Unity SDK supporting PC, Mac, iOS, and Android.
    APIs used in shipping game Proton Plus:
    Integrated plugins for each native platform to expose Bluetooth stack to talk to Nod ring.
    Developed Unity based demos for Nod ring shown at CES, SxSw, and GDC
    Nod Ring Shooting demo using Oculus DK2:
    Adapted from refactored for VR and to use the Nod ring.
    Ported shooting demo to work on Oculus DK2, GearVR, HTC Vive, VrOne (for iPhone), Cardboard, and Razer's OSVR HMD.
    Lead development of cross platform Nod config app written in Unity using NGUI
    Features include: Over the air firmware updating, user on boarding, tutorials, account creating, user settings, ring configuration options, battery percentage.
    Responsible for all Unity programming.
    Worked directly with design firm to drive app requirements
    Supported platforms: PC, Android, iOS.
    Made UI scalable to fit in 16:9 and 4:3 ratio mobile displays.
    Developed skeletal mapping system
    Maps the orientation of four Nod rings to a rigged skined mesh using Mecanim.
    Wrote VR demo integrating Nod with Kinect 2.0 for faster hand tracking.
    Wrote many smaller VR demos: Pinata demo, boxing demo, food eating demo
    Wrote internal tools to assist team members.
    Motion tracking tool to draw trails on the screen to measure stability.
    Wrote build scripts for Unity.
    Represented company at conferences: CES, GDC.
    Presented demos at many locations: Tech crunchies, UploadVR, and SVVR meetups.