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  • Nick Shapiro
    Nick Shapiro
    Former QA Analyst at Riot Games
    QA Analyst at Riot Games
  • Olly Sholotan
    Olly Sholotan
    Student at UCLA
    Web/Graphic Designer at Freelance
  • Adam Cosco
    Adam Cosco
    Director/Editor at Making 360, 360Designs, VRLA
  • Michael Reed
    Michael Reed
    CG Artist
    3D Generalist at Two Bit Circus VR
  • Kenneth Voelker
    Kenneth Voelker
    Associate Producer at Jaunt VR
    Associate Producer at Jaunt VR
  • Farrell Ingle
    Farrell Ingle
    Film, TV, VR Producer
    Producer at Motion Picture Industry
  • Michaella Vu
    Michaella Vu
    Actress, VR/360 Producer
    Actress at Film Industry
  • Imran Arafat
    Imran Arafat
    Unity3D Expert & VR/AR Enthusiast
    Animation & Video Game Producer at
  • Uthara Thelagar
    Uthara Thelagar
    Looking for full time game engineering position
  • Patrick Bowman
    Patrick Bowman
    Producer at Skybound Entertainment
    Producer at Skybound Entertainment
  • Tali Kaniatobe
    Tali Kaniatobe
    Visual Artist / Creative Technologist / AR + VR + Unity3d
    Owner / Creative Director at Layback Studios
  • Matt Leddy
    Matt Leddy
    President of Lightbringer Ventures, Columnist for YOTOVR, Immersive Media Consultant, UX/UI of VR Expert, Biz Dev Savant
    Director of Business Development at Fake Crow
  • Blake Weber
    Blake Weber
    Master of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning, USC
    Masters of Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning Candidate at University of Southern California
  • Ricky Ramsaran
    Ricky Ramsaran
    Virtual Reality Marketing, Business Development, and Project Management
    Marketing Manager at WEVR
  • Naveen Varadarajan
    Naveen Varadarajan
    Producer & Entertainment Technology Entrepreneur
    VFX/ Game Producer/ Marketing & Business Development Head (USA) at Makuta VFX
  • Jason Richard
    Jason Richard
    Freelance CD / AD, VR/AR UX and UI
    Freelance CD / AD, VR / AR UX & UI at Freelance
  • Amanda Wang Valentine
    Amanda Wang Valentine
    Business consultant; commercialization & sales strategy for innovative tech that improves lives
    Founder at enHone
    LC Productions
    Producer -3D Fashion Show at LC Productions
  • Jeanine Cornillot
    Jeanine Cornillot
    Co-Executive Producer
  • Nathan Whigham
    Nathan Whigham
    Business Development & Finance