Profiles in London

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  • Anders Lundb├Ąck
    Anders Lundb├Ąck
    Localisation Quality Tester at SEGA
    Head Admin/Referee at Dreamhack AB
  • Amandine Flachs
    Amandine Flachs
    VR Marketing Consultant | Blogger
    Independent Tech Startup Consultant at Independent Consultant
  • Sebastian Scholl
    Sebastian Scholl
    Software Engineer at XO Group
    Javascript Instructional Assistant at General Assembly
  • Rebecca Eakins
    Rebecca Eakins
    Developer at ThoughtWorks
    Developer at ThoughtWorks
  • Benjamin Marsh
    Benjamin Marsh
    Investment Banking Analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch
    Investment Banking Analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Kim Majkut
    Kim Majkut
    Creative / Director
    Freelance Creative / Director at Creative
  • Andrew Ross Rowe
    Andrew Ross Rowe
    Supervising Producer at MTV World
  • Eliran Vegh
    Eliran Vegh
    Artist, Game designer.
  • Sanjay Vemparala
    Sanjay Vemparala

    Chief Marketing Officer at Arcane Reality
  • Lester Kim
    Lester Kim
    Data Scientist, Developer, Producer
    Instructor at Axiom Learning
  • Laurence Bowen
    Laurence Bowen
    Senior Innovation Designer at Paddy Power Betfair
    Co-Founder (Start up) at Sports Ollo
  • Kane Phillips
    Kane Phillips
  • Adam Gainer
    Adam Gainer
    Business Intelligence Analyst at Media News Group
    Business Intelligence Analyst at MediaNews Group
  • Caleb Cover
    Caleb Cover
    3D Printing Educator & Digital Artist
    Digital Artist at The Asylum
  • Waleed Amer
    Waleed Amer
    Software Developer
    Software Engineer at Self-employed
  • Marco Antonio Arantes
    Marco Antonio Arantes
    3D/2D modeler Character Animator and concept Artist
  • Davide La Sala
    Davide La Sala
    Character TD / Technical Artist
    Technical Artist at Oculus VR
  • John Twomey
    John Twomey
    Audio Assistant at ENVY Post Production
    Audio Assistant at ENVY Post Production
  • Stephanie Cicatiello
    Stephanie Cicatiello
    Operations at Common Mode Audiobooks
    Operations Manager at Common Mode Audiobooks
  • Zebin Xu
    Zebin Xu
    Computer Science student/Graphics Progammer seeking a software engineer internship position