Profiles in Orlando

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  • Marcello Miranda
    Marcello Miranda
    Consultant at Roam International
    Channel Management Consultant at Roam International, Inc.
  • Kyle "G"
    Kyle "G"
    CEO/Founder at Wavelength LLC.
    CEO/Founder at Wavelength
  • Shelby Bennett
    Shelby Bennett
    Motion Picture & Television Professional
  • Philip Carter
    Philip Carter
    Web Applications Developer @ University of Central Florida
    Web Applications Developer at University of Central Florida
  • Christopher Santangelo
    Christopher Santangelo
    ■ UI/UX ■ Software development ■ 3d Development ■ Web Design■ Gaming ■ Simulation
    Freelance at Limited Slip Studios
  • RC Williams
    RC Williams
    Media Technology Innovation
    Founder at Ethos Communications
  • Sylaisha Ivy Taylor
    Sylaisha Ivy Taylor
    Communication & Technology Professional
    Owner & Technologist at Think Outside The World, LLC
  • Michael Carney
    Michael Carney
    Founder, CEO at North Star Simulations LLC
    Senior Experience Designer at University of Central Florida
  • Zachary Sewell
    Zachary Sewell
    VR/AR Entertainment
    VR/AR and Simulation Development at Student
  • Franccesco Carrión
    Franccesco Carrión
    Graphic Designer - Game Designer
  • Junshu Chen
    Junshu Chen
    Life’s too short to write an engine for each game.