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  • Gilberto Avalos Osuna
    Gilberto Avalos Osuna
    Front-End Engineer @ Ooyala
    Front End Engineer at Ooyala
  • Jordan Kintzle
    Jordan Kintzle
    Experienced with Startups searching for opportunities to innovate UX in Virtual Reality
    Product Specialist at Cyber Science 3D
  • Diego Favero
    Diego Favero
    Game Developer na Freelancer
    Game developer / Teacher at Gracom
  • Pedro Moura
    Pedro Moura
    Co-Founder / Interactive Developer @ReTRAI
    Co-Founder / Interactive Developer at ReTRAI
  • Kevin Williston
    Kevin Williston
    3D Database Modeler at AVT Simulation
    3D Database Modeler at AVT Simulation
  • Nicolas Lopez
    Nicolas Lopez
    Lead Programmer at VideoStitch
    Lead Programmer at VideoStitch
  • Michael Longley
    Michael Longley
    Game Artist / Designer
    Art Director / Designer at 411 Productions DTLA
  • Jim Preston
    Jim Preston
    Executive Producer/Designer
  • Jan Tamminen
    Jan Tamminen
    Experienced Video Production Specialist / VR Content / Read my Resume
    Self-employed/freelance/entrepreneur at Self
  • Josh Maldonado
    Josh Maldonado
    Founder at DISCOVR
    Founder & CEO at DISCOVR
  • Jeremy Sintes
    Jeremy Sintes
    Responsable Innovation
    Responsable Innovation at The Other Store - The OZ
  • Jamie Kelly
    Jamie Kelly
    President, Co-founder at VRcade
    Pres & Ceo, Founder at VRcade
  • Bruce LANE
    Bruce LANE
    C++ developer
  • Seth Gibson
    Seth Gibson
    Experienced Developer Specializing in Interactive Prototypes, Creative Technology, and Realtime Graphics
    Technical Lead of Prototypes and Creative Technology at Intel (RealSense)
  • ioannis bekiaris
    ioannis bekiaris
    Computer enthusiast
  • Andre Torales
    Andre Torales
    Founder at DIVR Virtual Reality
    Founder at DIVR Virtual Reality
  • Saad Alayyoubi
    Saad Alayyoubi
    Lead 3D Designer at Jaunt VR
    Lead 3D Designer at Jaunt VR
  • Charlene Chua
    Charlene Chua
    Illustrator, art director, visual designer at Charlene Chua illustration
    Illustrator at Charlene Chua illustration
  • Michael Ricker
    Michael Ricker
    SR Motion UX + 3D Design / Producer
    Art Director /Motion Designer at CBS / CW-11
  • Mark Manes
    Mark Manes
    Director, Mobile Development
    Director, Mobile Development at Markit