3D modeling Profiles

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  • Saad Alayyoubi
    Saad Alayyoubi
    Lead 3D Designer at Jaunt VR
    Lead 3D Designer at Jaunt VR
  • Rena Sugihara
    3D Visualization Artist at Luxigon
    3D Visualization Artist at Luxigon
  • Ty Clark
    Ty Clark
    3D Generalist, Unity Evangelist, Visual Designer and Developer.
    Unity C# developer at Space Puppy
  • Garret Spenst
    Garret Spenst
    Environment Artist
    Environment Artist at Lilith LTD
  • Ron Stevens
    Ron Stevens
    Product Developer / Design Engineer / 3D Visualization Specialist / Augmented & Virtual Reality / Consumer Products
    3D Visualization Specialist at interacta inc.
  • Aleks Katunar
    Aleks Katunar
    Nuke artist @MomentumStudio, Post@SimonKR, developer@Mediaatlas
    3D & 2D artist on Games, Multimedia and Interactive projects at MediaAtlas
  • Wayman Harris
    Wayman Harris
    Technical Artist
  • Zixuan (Scott) Wang
    Zixuan (Scott) Wang
    Graduate Research Assistant at Georgia Institute of Technology | Seeking for UX Internships in 2016 Summer
    Graduate Research Assistant at Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Marco  Romero
    Marco Romero
    3D Certified Professional Designer
  • Craig Elliott Brown
    Craig Elliott Brown
    Ux, Visual Design, and Programming for VR
    Ux-Ui-Visual Designer at Envirant (freelance)
  • Elyse Bromser-Kloeden
    Elyse Bromser-Kloeden
    3D Artist and Designer
  • James O'Loughlin
    James O'Loughlin
    User Experience & Interaction Designer
    Designer at Freelance
  • Ketrina Yim
    Ketrina Yim
    Technical Artist
    Technical Artist/Engineering Support at PhaseSpace, Inc.
  • Stephan Isermann
    Stephan Isermann
    Freelance Designer 3D/VR
    Co Founder and Technical Artist VR at Flatmade GbR
  • Adrian Troncoso
    Adrian Troncoso
    3D modeler
    Membership Services Supervisor at Student Recreation Center, California State University Northridge
  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith
    VR Creative Consultant/Animator/Artist
    3D Character Artist at T-Pose inc
  • Liam Devine
    Liam Devine
    Technical Artist turned VR Dev.
  • Thomas Pasieka
    Thomas Pasieka
    Freelance 3D Artist
    Seeking full time UX designer job
    UX Designer at Macate Group
  • Benjamin Schrimpf
    Benjamin Schrimpf
    3D modeling through vr ready
    immersive visualization expert at Connell Architecture