AR Profiles

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  • Gustaf Stechmann
    Gustaf Stechmann
    3D and VR programmer
  • Nima Zeighami
    Nima Zeighami
    Technology Consultant
    Epson Moverio Developer Evangelist at Epson America Inc.
  • Kim Majkut
    Kim Majkut
    Creative / Director
    Freelance Creative / Director at Creative
  • Natasha Floksi
    Natasha Floksi
    Co-Founder / Chief Creative Officer / VR Developer at Cerevrum
    Co-Owner, Chief Creative Officer at Cerevrum Project
  • Randy Guo
    Randy Guo
    Interactive Director, Technology Designer & Creative Lead
    Founder, Creative Consultant at INVENIO.
  • Matthew Wojciech Reszke
    Matthew Wojciech Reszke
    CTO - Founder - VR & AR Developer
    CTO - Founder at PirxLab
  • Jason Richard
    Jason Richard
    Freelance CD / AD, VR/AR UX and UI
    Freelance CD / AD, VR / AR UX & UI at Freelance
  • Davide La Sala
    Davide La Sala
    Character TD / Technical Artist
    Technical Artist at Oculus VR
  • Jordan Brighton
    Jordan Brighton
    Producer / Director at Jordle Productions
    Producer / Director at Jordle Productions
  • Scott harris
    Scott harris
    Serious about science, education, & interactive fun
    Sr. User Experience Designer at IBM Interactive
  • Anthony Bonnet
    Anthony Bonnet
    Graphic Designer / Animator
    VFX Artist / Animator at Mn8 Multimedia
  • Noumbie Arnold
    Noumbie Arnold
    unity developer(leader) at SDK GAMES AFRICA
  • Jonathan Forder
    Jonathan Forder
    Interactive Developer
  • Angelina Kolodey
    Angelina Kolodey
    Business Manager at PettersonApps
    Business Manager at PettersonApps
  • Vivek Savsaiya
    Vivek Savsaiya
    Virtual Reality Game Developer | VR | AR
    Unity Game Developer at Versatile Techno
  • Jonathan Ravasz
    Jonathan Ravasz
    Designer and Unity developer at Kitchen Budapest
    Designer and Unity Developer at Kitchen Budapest
  • Solaris Nite
    Solaris Nite
    Founder at Digital Imprint
    Founder at Digital Imprint, LLC
  • Matteo Stanzani
    Matteo Stanzani
    Creative Director and Producer, multi-platform animation & games
    Creative Director & Producer, multi-platform content at Freelance Consultant
  • Shahrokh Shamalinia
    Shahrokh Shamalinia
    Virtual Reality Developer | Founder at 3DBRYX
    Virtual Reality Developer | Founder at 3DBRYX
  • Katie Goode
    Katie Goode
    Creative Director / Designer
    Creative Director at Triangular Pixels