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  • Miguel Bandera Llamazares
    Miguel Bandera Llamazares
    VR Developer (.NET, Unity, C#, C++)
    Freelance contractor. .Net , VR / AR, Videogames, Sharepoint , Mobile Apps at (Contractor)
  • Michael Longley
    Michael Longley
    Game Artist / Designer
    Art Director / Designer at 411 Productions DTLA
  • Gustaf Stechmann
    Gustaf Stechmann
    3D and VR programmer
  • Sunil Nair
    Sunil Nair
    Developer, Virtual reality, UX Labs at Cognizant
    Developer, Virtual reality, Cognizant Technology Labs at Cognizant
  • Ty Clark
    Ty Clark
    3D Generalist, Unity Evangelist, Visual Designer and Developer.
    Unity C# developer at Space Puppy
  • Matthew Juskelis
    Matthew Juskelis
    Software Engineer Internship at Microsoft
    Software Engineer Internship at Microsoft
  • Tali Kaniatobe
    Tali Kaniatobe
    Visual Artist / Creative Technologist / AR + VR + Unity3d
    Owner / Creative Director at Layback Studios
  • Néstor Mauricio Caro Sánchez
    Néstor Mauricio Caro Sánchez
    VR developer at Parkaba S.A.S.
    VR Developer at Parkaba S.A.S.
  • Mehdi Daemi
    Mehdi Daemi
    Computational Vision Neuroscientist
  • Pratham Sehgal
    Pratham Sehgal
    CoFounder at Trustio
  • Bob King
    Bob King
    VR developers
  • Garret Spenst
    Garret Spenst
    Environment Artist
    Environment Artist at Lilith LTD
  • Rafael Ferrari
    Rafael Ferrari
    Lead Engineer na Black River Studios - Samsung
    Lead Engineer at Black River Studios
  • Daniel Buchanan
    Daniel Buchanan
    AR/VR Experience Engineer/360 Video Producer
    Chief Technology Officer at Empathy Vision
  • Jacob Haigh
    Jacob Haigh
    Software Developer
  • Matthew O'Connell
    Matthew O'Connell
    Software Developer at International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP)
    Software Developer at International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP)
  • Joshua Kidd
    Joshua Kidd
    Software Engineer
    Software Engineer at
  • Matthew Wojciech Reszke
    Matthew Wojciech Reszke
    CTO - Founder - VR & AR Developer
    CTO - Founder at PirxLab
  • Clayton Lafleur
    Clayton Lafleur
    Design Integrator - Microsoft OSG
    Design Integrator - Microsoft OSG at Microsoft
  • Dileep P G
    Dileep P G
    Indie Developer, Ex - SDE II at Microsoft
    Creator / Indie Developer at PSYFUNLAB