Illustrator Profiles

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  • Seth Gibson
    Seth Gibson
    Experienced Developer Specializing in Interactive Prototypes, Creative Technology, and Realtime Graphics
    Technical Lead of Prototypes and Creative Technology at Intel (RealSense)
  • Dan Ermey
    Dan Ermey
    Art Director/UI Design •  Headfuel Design
    Founder, Art Director, UI Designer at Headfuel Design
  • Rena Sugihara
    3D Visualization Artist at Luxigon
    3D Visualization Artist at Luxigon
  • Roberto Moya
    Roberto Moya
    User Interface Designer & Front End Developer
    Remote UI Developer at
  • Christopher Bancroft
    Christopher Bancroft
    Program Advisory Committee Member at AnimSchool
  • Brendan Riel
    Brendan Riel
    Virtual Reality Tech
    Content Creative at Hurlbut Visuals
  • Taran Lu
    Taran Lu
    Digital Artist - 3D Generalist
    Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) at Shimoichi Municipal Government
  • Johnny Dunn
    Johnny Dunn
    Software Engineer / Security Consultant at Virtue Security
    Software Engineer / Security Consultant at Virtue Security
  • David Fernandes
    David Fernandes
    VR | Android Dev | Unity Programmer
    VR | Android Dev | Unity Programmer at BlueSunsMobile
  • Tali Kaniatobe
    Tali Kaniatobe
    Visual Artist / Creative Technologist / AR + VR + Unity3d
    Owner / Creative Director at Layback Studios
  • Alex Coulombe
    Alex Coulombe
    Creative Director | Agile Lens: Immersive Design
    Designer/Consultant/VR Futurist at Fisher Dachs Associates, Theatre Planning & Design
  • Michael Ricker
    Michael Ricker
    SR Motion UX + 3D Design / Producer
    Art Director /Motion Designer at CBS / CW-11
  • Prashanth Sankaran
    Prashanth Sankaran
    Product Strategist at classblox
    Product Strategist at classblox
  • Nick Perata
    Nick Perata
    Art Director / Senior Designer, Looking To Return To Full-time
    Art Director / Senior Designer at Freelance
  • Du Hoang
    Du Hoang
    UX, UI, VR, AR, Dataviz Designer & Frontend Dev
    Lead UX, UI, Data Visualization Designer at MapD
  • Will Atwood
    Will Atwood
    Product Designer
    Freelance Designer at Will Atwood Design
  • nima dehghani
    nima dehghani
    Artistic Director at iTutorGroup
    Co-Founder and Art Director at Peykart
  • Renaud Sicard
    Renaud Sicard
    MarketingVR Enthusiasts
    Marketing Consultant at SpeakBeat iOS App
  • John Emerson
    John Emerson
    Management and Consultant Professional | 3D Artist | Freelance Graphic Designer
    Freelance Artist at Self
  • Jonathan Brockett
    Jonathan Brockett
    UI Designer at CEB
    UI Designer - Contract at CEB