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  • Rena Sugihara
    3D Visualization Artist at Luxigon
    3D Visualization Artist at Luxigon
  • Behram Patel
    VFX,VR & MR training and development
  • Néstor Mauricio Caro Sánchez
    Néstor Mauricio Caro Sánchez
    VR developer at Parkaba S.A.S.
    VR Developer at Parkaba S.A.S.
  • Mehdi Daemi
    Mehdi Daemi
    Computational Vision Neuroscientist
  • Johnny Dunn
    Johnny Dunn
    Software Engineer / Security Consultant at Virtue Security
    Software Engineer / Security Consultant at Virtue Security
  • Jacob Haigh
    Jacob Haigh
    Software Developer
  • Mario Chris
    Mario Chris
    Algorithm Engineer
    Research Assistant at Stanford Intelligent Systems Laboratory
  • Joshua Kidd
    Joshua Kidd
    Software Engineer
    Software Engineer at
  • Davide La Sala
    Davide La Sala
    Character TD / Technical Artist
    Technical Artist at Oculus VR
  • Vikram Sreedhar
    Vikram Sreedhar
    Student at Stanford University, Full Stack Web Developer
    Full Stack Developer at Freelance Web Designer (Self-employed)
  • Joshua Angeley
    Joshua Angeley
    Software Engineer Experienced in Unity and WebVR
    Consultant / Software Engineer at Circuit Therapeutics
  • Sebastian Fabian
    Sebastian Fabian
    Computer Engineer (M.Sc)
    Sales Representative at Länsförsäkringar
  • Kevin Daley
    Kevin Daley
    Research Assistant (Computational Neuroscience) at Georgia State University
    Research Assistant (Computational Neuroscience) --Belykh lab at Georgia State University
  • Zhen (Stephen) Gou
    Zhen (Stephen) Gou
    Associate Software Engineer at Crystal Dynamics
    Associate Software Engineer at Crystal Dynamics at Crystal Dynamics
  • Vik Pandher
    Vik Pandher
    Aspiring Software Engineer
    Undergraduate Assistant at University of Washington
  • Parker Seagren
    Parker Seagren
    Software Developer
    Co-Founder / CTO at EnvoyNow
  • Shakhruz Ashirov
    Shakhruz Ashirov
    VR/AR Developer, Trainer, Consultant
    Founder at ZefirVR Club
  • Jordan Cazamias
    Jordan Cazamias
    MSCS Student at Stanford, Software Engineer, UI/UX Design
    MSCS Student at Stanford University
  • Carlos Girod
    Carlos Girod
    Student, Software Engineer
    Software Developer at Virtual Human Interaction Lab
  • Elias Gorman
    Elias Gorman
    Veteran Community Manager
    President at VRphilly