Unity3D Profiles

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  • Gustaf Stechmann
    Gustaf Stechmann
    3D and VR programmer
  • Matthew Juskelis
    Matthew Juskelis
    Software Engineer Internship at Microsoft
    Software Engineer Internship at Microsoft
  • Tali Kaniatobe
    Tali Kaniatobe
    Visual Artist / Creative Technologist / AR + VR + Unity3d
    Owner / Creative Director at Layback Studios
  • James (Cedric) Mayer
    James (Cedric) Mayer
    Exploring creative technologies at Columbia University
  • Daniel Buchanan
    Daniel Buchanan
    AR/VR Experience Engineer/360 Video Producer
    Chief Technology Officer at Empathy Vision
  • Joshua Kidd
    Joshua Kidd
    Software Engineer
    Software Engineer at
  • Matthew Wojciech Reszke
    Matthew Wojciech Reszke
    CTO - Founder - VR & AR Developer
    CTO - Founder at PirxLab
  • Davide La Sala
    Davide La Sala
    Character TD / Technical Artist
    Technical Artist at Oculus VR
  • Jordan Brighton
    Jordan Brighton
    Producer / Director at Jordle Productions
    Producer / Director at Jordle Productions
  • Sami Hamid
    Sami Hamid
    VR Producer at Glitch Studios AS
    Virtual Reality Lab Director at VR First BAU - Virtual Reality Lab
  • Bracey Smith
    Bracey Smith
    Founder at Potential Synergy
    Founder, Creative Director/Rapid Concept Iteration at Potential Synergy
  • Stephanie Mendoza
    Stephanie Mendoza
    VR Developer/ 3D Artist
    UI/UX/Web Developer at Freelance Front End Web
  • Andre Le
    Andre Le
    Freelance UX / Product Designer and VR prototyper
    Freelance UX Designer and VR Prototyper at YVR Design
  • George Barjoud
    George Barjoud
    Experienced software dev engineer, manager, inventor
  • Andrew Nakas
    Andrew Nakas
    Associate Software Developer at R/GA
    VR-AR Devloper at NakasMakes
  • Dustin Chertoff
    Dustin Chertoff
    Co-Founder @ Fearless VR
    Co-Founder at Fearless VR
  • Erica Layton
    Erica Layton
    UX Designer and VR Developer
    VR Developer at EJL
  • Parth Darji
    Parth Darji
    Masters candidate at New York University
    Senior Software Developer Engineer at Kagiso Interactive
  • David Fox
    David Fox
    Game Tech & Design Leadership
    Founder at Double Coconut
  • Veena Somareddy
    Veena Somareddy
    Experienced VR/AR researcher and developer
    Research Assistant at University of Texas at Dallas