Virtual Reality Profiles

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  • Jordan Kintzle
    Jordan Kintzle
    Experienced with Startups searching for opportunities to innovate UX in Virtual Reality
    Product Specialist at Cyber Science 3D
  • Gustaf Stechmann
    Gustaf Stechmann
    3D and VR programmer
  • Drew Medina
    Drew Medina
    CEO at Headtrip Games
    Owner at Headtrip Games LLC
  • Aaron Faucher
    Aaron Faucher
    UX/UI for AR/VR
  • Amandine Flachs
    Amandine Flachs
    VR Marketing Consultant | Blogger
    Independent Tech Startup Consultant at Independent Consultant
  • Ty Clark
    Ty Clark
    3D Generalist, Unity Evangelist, Visual Designer and Developer.
    Unity C# developer at Space Puppy
  • Chad Cooper
    Chad Cooper
  • Brendan Riel
    Brendan Riel
    Virtual Reality Tech
    Content Creative at Hurlbut Visuals
  • Michael Wentworth-Bell
  • Thulasi S.V.
    Thulasi S.V.
    Game Programmer
    Game Programmer at Hasbro
  • Bob King
    Bob King
    VR developers
  • Rafael Ferrari
    Rafael Ferrari
    Lead Engineer na Black River Studios - Samsung
    Lead Engineer at Black River Studios
  • Arturo Gabriel
    Arturo Gabriel
    Lead Developer, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Interfaces
    Project Manager / Practice Lead at Blast Asia Inc.
  • Jacob Haigh
    Jacob Haigh
    Software Developer
  • Ron Stevens
    Ron Stevens
    Product Developer / Design Engineer / 3D Visualization Specialist / Augmented & Virtual Reality / Consumer Products
    3D Visualization Specialist at interacta inc.
  • Matthew Wojciech Reszke
    Matthew Wojciech Reszke
    CTO - Founder - VR & AR Developer
    CTO - Founder at PirxLab
  • Naveen Varadarajan
    Naveen Varadarajan
    Producer & Entertainment Technology Entrepreneur
    VFX/ Game Producer/ Marketing & Business Development Head (USA) at Makuta VFX
  • Jason Richard
    Jason Richard
    Freelance CD / AD, VR/AR UX and UI
    Freelance CD / AD, VR / AR UX & UI at Freelance
  • Davide La Sala
    Davide La Sala
    Character TD / Technical Artist
    Technical Artist at Oculus VR
  • Catherine Arellano
    Catherine Arellano
    Interactive Media Developer and Production Designer