Writing Profiles

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  • Matisse Tolin
    Matisse Tolin
    Live-action VR producer
    Freelance Producer at Surreal
  • Adam Cosco
    Adam Cosco
    Director/Editor at Making 360, 360Designs, VRLA
  • Zen CaptureAll
    Zen CaptureAll
    Product Innovator, V.R./ AR developer, Technologist, 360 video Content Creator, Consultant, Speaker 👍
    Inventor, Innovator, Writer at IP Thinktank
  • Pierre Friquet
    Pierre Friquet
    VR Filmmaker
    VR director of photography at Freelance
  • Eric J Ward
    Eric J Ward
    Startup Media Creation
    Business Owner at Startup Media Creation
  • Danielle Scherr
    Danielle Scherr
    Experienced Producer | Operations Manager
    Associate Producer at The Travel Channel
  • Anna Poslusny
    Anna Poslusny
    Contributing Writer at Odyssey Online
    Tennis Instructor at Private Tennis Instructor
  • Jessica M. Kim
    Jessica M. Kim
  • Luke Carver
    Luke Carver
    PhD Researcher at University of Kent
    Creative Consultant and Researcher Intern at Mbryonic VR
  • Jason Ferguson
    Jason Ferguson
    Associate Creative Director at R/GA
    Writer / Producer (Theatre, Film, Literature) at Jason Ferguson
  • Renee Bach
    Renee Bach
    Sr. Art Director, Creative Director, Manager of UI & UX, UI/UX Designer, VR Interface Design
    Art Director / Creative Director / UX at Freelance
  • Eric Rosner
    Eric Rosner
    The most interesting Art Director /Illustrator in the world!
    Illustrator/ After Effects Instructor at UCLA Extension
  • Olutade Ajiboye
    Olutade Ajiboye
    Unity3D Developer
  • Evo Heyning
    Evo Heyning
    Global Impact, Strategy, Tech & Mixed Reality Production
    Certified ExO Consultant at ExO Works
  • Nathaniel  Smith
    Nathaniel Smith
    Production Coordinator/VR Writer
    Production Intern at Canadian Film Centre
  • Yossi Horowitz
    Yossi Horowitz
    Lead Gameplay Programmer at WayForward Technologies
    Lead Gameplay Programmer at WayForward Technologies
  • Bri Murphy
    Bri Murphy
    Applications Developer at JPMorgan Chase Asset Management
    Applications Developer at JPMorgan Chase & Co.
  • Tyler Hymanson
    Tyler Hymanson
    Narrative Designer at Freelance
  • Jean Robinson
    Jean Robinson
    Video Producer Seeking Adventure and Full Time Employment. Willing to Relocate
    Award Winning Video Producer at Pilgrim Press/UCC National Headquarters
  • Elli Raynai
    Elli Raynai
    VR Filmmaker
    VR Filmmaker at Cinehackers