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  • Kim Majkut
    Kim Majkut
    Creative / Director
    Freelance Creative / Director at Creative
  • Alex Legg
    Alex Legg
    VR Compositor, 3D Artist and Matte Painter
    Artist/Director at Guerilla Digital
  • Saad Alayyoubi
    Saad Alayyoubi
    Lead 3D Designer at Jaunt VR
    Lead 3D Designer at Jaunt VR
  • Thulasi S.V.
    Thulasi S.V.
    Game Programmer
    Game Programmer at Hasbro
  • Ron Stevens
    Ron Stevens
    Product Developer / Design Engineer / 3D Visualization Specialist / Augmented & Virtual Reality / Consumer Products
    3D Visualization Specialist at interacta inc.
  • Clayton Lafleur
    Clayton Lafleur
    Design Integrator - Microsoft OSG
    Design Integrator - Microsoft OSG at Microsoft
  • Wayman Harris
    Wayman Harris
    Technical Artist
  • Anthony Bonnet
    Anthony Bonnet
    Graphic Designer / Animator
    VFX Artist / Animator at Mn8 Multimedia
  • Nicholas Savarese
    Nicholas Savarese
    Post Production Manager
    Post Production Manager (Permalance) at VICE Media
  • Chris Keithley
    Chris Keithley
    Art Director at Luidia.
    Art Director at Luidia
  • Stephanie Mendoza
    Stephanie Mendoza
    VR Developer (Unty and web), 3D Artist
    Web Developer/Lab Technician at CO2 Dynamics Corp
  • Peter Geerts
    Peter Geerts
    Co-Founder Dutch Tilt Studios
    Co-Founder at Dutch Tilt Studios
  • Adrian Troncoso
    Adrian Troncoso
    3D modeler
    Animation Intern at App to Succed
  • Robby Donaghey
    Robby Donaghey
    Artistic Genius
  • arsalan ali
    arsalan ali
    3d Artist
  • Eric Rosner
    Eric Rosner
    The most interesting Art Director /Illustrator in the world!
    Freelance Art Director/Illustrator at EBR
  • Alan Arqueza
    Alan Arqueza
    Technical Specialist
    Omnigraffle Specialist at Unemployed - February 2017
  • Rose Peng
    Rose Peng
    User Experience Designer
    UX Designer at IBM
  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith
    VR Creative Consultant/Animator/Artist
    3D Character Artist at T-Pose inc
  • David Fliesen
    David Fliesen
    Character Animator, Visual Effects, Virtual Reality, Game Design
    3D Content Developer at AvaCon Inc.