augmented reality Profiles

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  • Gustaf Stechmann
    Gustaf Stechmann
    3D and VR programmer
  • Nima Zeighami
    Nima Zeighami
    Technology Consultant
    Epson Moverio Developer Evangelist at Epson America Inc.
  • Aaron Faucher
    Aaron Faucher
    UX/UI for AR/VR
  • Dario Cianciarulo
    Dario Cianciarulo
    Founder, darteq
    Owner and CEO at darteq
  • Daniel Buchanan
    Daniel Buchanan
    AR/VR Experience Engineer/360 Video Producer
    Chief Technology Officer at Empathy Vision
  • Arturo Gabriel
    Arturo Gabriel
    Lead Developer, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Interfaces
    Project Manager / Practice Lead at Blast Asia Inc.
  • Randy Guo
    Randy Guo
    Interactive Director, Technology Designer & Creative Lead
    Founder, Creative Consultant at INVENIO.
  • Ron Stevens
    Ron Stevens
    Product Developer / Design Engineer / 3D Visualization Specialist / Augmented & Virtual Reality / Consumer Products
    3D Visualization Specialist at interacta inc.
  • Matthew Wojciech Reszke
    Matthew Wojciech Reszke
    CTO - Founder - VR & AR Developer
    CTO - Founder at PirxLab
  • Jason Richard
    Jason Richard
    Freelance CD / AD, VR/AR UX and UI
    Freelance CD / AD, VR / AR UX & UI at Freelance
  • Anthony Bonnet
    Anthony Bonnet
    Graphic Designer / Animator
    VFX Artist / Animator at Mn8 Multimedia
  • Scott Kreutzkamp
    Scott Kreutzkamp
    Experiental tech
    Strategy Tech at Team Detroit
  • Azeem Syed
    Azeem Syed
    Virtual and Augmented Reality Researcher at Korea Institute of Science and Technology
    Research Assistant at Korea Institute of Science and Technology
  • Michael Carney
    Michael Carney
    Founder, CEO at North Star Simulations LLC
    Senior Experience Designer at University of Central Florida
  • Andrew Nakas
    Andrew Nakas
    Associate Software Developer at R/GA
    Venture Consultant at Blackstone LaunchPad at Montana State University
  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith
    VR Creative Consultant/Animator/Artist
    VR Creative Consultant at
  • Parth Darji
    Parth Darji
    Masters candidate at New York University
    Senior Software Developer Engineer at Kagiso Interactive
  • Katie Goode
    Katie Goode
    Creative Director / Designer
    Creative Director at Triangular Pixels
  • Ralph Barbagallo
    Ralph Barbagallo
    Experienced game developer, designer, and engineer on mobile, Unity3D, web, VR, and augmented reality projects.
    Founder at FLARB
  • David Fox
    David Fox
    Game Tech & Design Leadership
    Founder at Double Coconut