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  • Seth Gibson
    Seth Gibson
    Experienced Developer Specializing in Interactive Prototypes, Creative Technology, and Realtime Graphics
    Technical Lead of Prototypes and Creative Technology at Intel (RealSense)
  • Nauman Shaikh
    Nauman Shaikh
    3D Modeler/ Generalist
    CG Artist at X60 Cgi
  • Rena Sugihara
    3D Visualization Artist at Luxigon
    3D Visualization Artist at Luxigon
  • Ty Clark
    Ty Clark
    3D Generalist, Unity Evangelist, Visual Designer and Developer.
    Unity C# developer at Space Puppy
  • Tali Kaniatobe
    Tali Kaniatobe
    Visual Artist / Creative Technologist / AR + VR + Unity3d
    Owner / Creative Director at Layback Studios
  • Christopher Bancroft
    Christopher Bancroft
    Program Advisory Committee Member at AnimSchool
  • Aaron Faucher
    Aaron Faucher
    UX/UI for AR/VR
  • Garret Spenst
    Garret Spenst
    Environment Artist
    Environment Artist at Lilith LTD
  • Ron Stevens
    Ron Stevens
    Product Developer / Design Engineer / 3D Visualization Specialist / Augmented & Virtual Reality / Consumer Products
    3D Visualization Specialist at interacta inc.
  • Blake Weber
    Blake Weber
    Master of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning, USC
    Masters of Landscape Architecture & Urban Planning Candidate at University of Southern California
  • Paul Zeke
    Paul Zeke
    Independent Vr Developer
    Senior Animator at ICON creative studio
  • Davide La Sala
    Davide La Sala
    Character TD / Technical Artist
    Technical Artist at Oculus VR
  • Clayton Lafleur
    Clayton Lafleur
    Design Integrator - Microsoft OSG
    Design Integrator - Microsoft OSG at Microsoft
  • Scott harris
    Scott harris
    Serious about science, education, & interactive fun
    Sr. User Experience Designer at IBM Interactive
  • Du Hoang
    Du Hoang
    UX, UI, Data Visualization, 3D/VR/AR Designer & Frontend Dev
    Lead UX, UI, Data Visualization Designer at MapD
  • Elyse Bromser-Kloeden
    Elyse Bromser-Kloeden
    3D Artist and Designer
  • Scott Kreutzkamp
    Scott Kreutzkamp
    Experiental tech
    Strategy Tech at Team Detroit
  • Zhen (Stephen) Gou
    Zhen (Stephen) Gou
    Associate Software Engineer at Crystal Dynamics
    Associate Software Engineer at Crystal Dynamics at Crystal Dynamics
  • Hannah Addington
    Hannah Addington
    Animator at 2K Games
  • Renaud Sicard
    Renaud Sicard
    MarketingVR Enthusiasts
    Marketing Consultant at SpeakBeat iOS App