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  • Narayana Perla
    Narayana Perla
    Senior system software engineer at nvidia
    Senior system software engineer at nvidia
  • Nishant Mendiratta
    Nishant Mendiratta
    Full Stack Software Developer and Tester | Seeking Full Time Software Developer roles to expand my expertise
    Software Engineering Intern at mPath
  • Vanessa Manzon
    Vanessa Manzon
    Business Development Manager
  • David Marlett
    David Marlett
    Award winning Producer/Director of World's 1st Live-Action VR Feature Film: MansLaughter; Professor of VR Storytelling at Walter Isaacson School for New Media in Aspen.
  • Dan Toffey
    Dan Toffey
    Community at Instagram
    Manager, Community Advocacy at Instagram
  • Raymond Mosco
    Raymond Mosco
    Customer Success focused VR Evangelist
    Consultant at VRmory
  • James Hanusa
    James Hanusa
    Global Strategy, Partnerships & Innovation
    Social Innovation Consultant at Change Collective
  • Anthony Perez
    Anthony Perez
    Art Director | Visual Design | Motion Graphics | I help companies solve problems through design with engaging content
    Lead Motion Designer, Brand Management at GuideSpark
  • Nick Shapiro
    Nick Shapiro
    Former QA Analyst at Riot Games
    QA Analyst at Riot Games
  • Jeff Ye
    Jeff Ye
    Senior Software Engineer at Zynga
    Senior Software Engineer at Zynga
  • Brian VanderMeer
    Brian VanderMeer
    Business Development & Strategic Growth
  • Robert Feisel
    Robert Feisel
    Sr. Software Engineer - Frontend Lead
    Senior Software Engineer - Technical Lead - UI Architect at IT Consultant Self Employed
  • Olly Sholotan
    Olly Sholotan
    Student at UCLA
    Web/Graphic Designer at Freelance
  • John Rodkin
    John Rodkin
    Managing Director / GM - San Francisco at Samsung Accelerator
    Advisor at Cedexis
  • Ryan Luikens
    Ryan Luikens
    Creative Strategist
    Brand and Innovation Strategy Consultant at LUKNS
  • Azam Khan
    Azam Khan
    Cannabusiness Executive
    Executive Marketing Team Member at OPEN Silicon Valley
  • Amy Orringer
    Amy Orringer
    Publishing Content Manager, Booktrack & Booktrack Classoom
    Publishing Content Manager at Booktrack
  • Adam Cosco
    Adam Cosco
    Director/Editor at Making 360, 360Designs, VRLA
  • Michael Reed
    Michael Reed
    CG Artist
    3D Generalist at Two Bit Circus VR
  • Alisa Kurt
    Alisa Kurt
    Game Designer/ Producer at Colopl NI