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  • Dana Takrudtong
    Dana Takrudtong
    Vice President of Sales and Marketing at GAN
    Vice President of Sales at GAN (formerly GameAccount Network)
  • Justin Novak
    Justin Novak
    3D Visual Effect Artist
    Assistant Manager at Columbia Computer Store
  • Rhett Hildebrandt
    Rhett Hildebrandt
    Associate Art Director at FCB
    Associate Art Director at FCB Global
  • Marty Markenson
    Marty Markenson
    Technology Solutions Analyst at Cognizant
  • Prashanth Sankaran
    Prashanth Sankaran
    Product Strategist at classblox
    Product Strategist at classblox
  • P. Galen Ballew
    P. Galen Ballew
    Virtual Reality Intern at Clutch Studios
  • Brandon  Blunk
    Brandon Blunk
    Event Video/VR storytelling | Content Creator
  • Brian Stack
    Brian Stack
    Account Manager, Digital at Rhea + Kaiser
    Account Manager, Digital at Rhea + Kaiser
  • Weifeng Huang
  • Matthew Heins
    Matthew Heins
    Electrical Engineering Manager at Optimal Design
    Owner at HackMe Electronics
  • David Young
    David Young
    Post Production Management and Workflow
  • Kent Weber
    Kent Weber
    Emerging Technologies Analyst at Leo Burnett
    Founder at BeerFX
  • Benjamin Schrimpf
    Benjamin Schrimpf
    3D modeling through vr ready
    immersive visualization expert at Connell Architecture
  • Tamer Aray
  • Matt Schaub
    Matt Schaub
    Computer Science Student
  • Ryan Hayes
    Ryan Hayes
    360-Degree Video Stitching, Capture and Editing
  • Yingying Ren
    Yingying Ren
    VR developer
    NCSA Audio/Video Assistant at Nation Center for Supercomputing Application (NCSA)
  • Shawn Tulley
    Shawn Tulley
    Sales and Marketing Professional