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  • Chris Ragan
    Chris Ragan
    Playstation Representative at Sony Computer Entertainment America
    Playstation Representative at PlayStation
  • Ross Clark
    Ross Clark
    Productions Director at Texas Student Television
    RTF Student at The University of Texas at Austin
  • Thulasi S.V.
    Thulasi S.V.
    Game Programmer
    Game Programmer at Hasbro
  • Samantha Needham
    Samantha Needham
    Focused on Digital & Emerging Tech (AR/VR/360/Wearables/IoT/Bots...)
    Owner at Webalicious Designs
  • Chris Fordyce
    Chris Fordyce
    Business Development Manager at Symantec
    Industry Business Development Manager at Symantec
  • Andrew Wilkins
    Andrew Wilkins
    Local Marketing Consultant
    Managing Partner (Account Management & Operations) at Hill Digital
  • Will Plato
    Will Plato
    VDC Manager at HENSEL PHELPS
    VDC Manager at HENSEL PHELPS
  • Chris Fronda
    Chris Fronda
    Software Architect
    Tech Entrepreneur at Freelance
  • Matt L. Nutsch
    Matt L. Nutsch
    Consultant: Developer; Project Manager; Business Operations; Creative
    Founder at Nutsch Consulting
  • Victor Vela
    Victor Vela
    Software Manager at Weatherford
    Software Manager at Weatherford
  • Rigel Benton
    Rigel Benton
    VR Designer/Programmer
    Lead Instructor @ ACC Creative Technology Lab at Austin Community College
  • Gordon Montgomery
    Gordon Montgomery
    Performance Coach for life & business.
    The #unstoppable coach. at GMETA life and business coaching
  • Max Bolen
    Max Bolen
    Developer at ReelFX
    Unity Engineer at ReelFX
  • Derrick Steele
    Derrick Steele
    VR Designer/Engineer/Evangelist Seeking Opportunities
    Staff QA Engineer at Mutual Mobile
  • Claudio Lai
    Claudio Lai
    Virtual Reality Software Creator and Content Creator
    CEO at FluidcastVR
  • Christopher Anderson
    Christopher Anderson
    Full-stack Web Developer
    Full-stack Web Development Fellow at Galvanize
  • Veena Somareddy
    Veena Somareddy
    Experienced VR/AR researcher and developer
    Research Assistant at University of Texas at Dallas
  • Gabriel Valdez
    Gabriel Valdez
    Content Creator, Freelance Videographer (Generalist)
    Videographer at Blue Screen Productions
  • Qais Muhammad Durani
    Qais Muhammad Durani
    Software Engineer at Wood Group PAC
    Software Engineer at Wood Group PAC
  • Michael Vasquez
    Michael Vasquez
    Environmental Services Professional
    Warehouse Associate at Douglass King Seeds