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  • Nima Zeighami
    Nima Zeighami
    Technology Consultant
    Epson Moverio Developer Evangelist at Epson America Inc.
  • Megan Perry
    Megan Perry
    Founder at MechTech Studios
    Founder / CTO at MechTech
  • Amanda Koster
    Amanda Koster
    SR CONTENT PRODUCER, Amazon Publishing
  • Matthew Juskelis
    Matthew Juskelis
    Software Engineer Internship at Microsoft
    Software Engineer Internship at Microsoft
  • Clayton Blair
    Clayton Blair
    Student at University of Washington
    Independent contractor at Lasher Technologies Inc.
  • Courtney Jones
    Courtney Jones
    In production on several projects at Pod Intermedia.
    "Adventures on the Fly!" - Syndicated television series at Pod Intermedia
  • Chris McCarthy
    Unity Developer
  • Samira Obeid
    Samira Obeid
    Public Relations Student at the University of Idaho
  • Hailey Willis
    Hailey Willis
    Software Engineering Apprentice at Expedia, Inc.
    Student Software Developer at Ada Developers Academy
  • Jennifer Bullion
    Jennifer Bullion
    Sr. Project Coordinator at HTC
    Sr. Project Coordinator at HTC
  • Anna Czoski
    Anna Czoski
    VR Creator and Producer
    Digital Artist, Animator, Designer at Consultant
  • David Snelling
    David Snelling
    CTO/Founder at
  • Abhigyan Kaustubh
    Abhigyan Kaustubh
    Looking for new opportunities. UX, ML, VR, AR
    Freelance Researcher | Developer at Freelance
  • Tesfaye Mengesha
    Tesfaye Mengesha
    Control Engineer at SSE - Sirio Sistemi Elettronici S.p.A.
  • Andy Howell
    Andy Howell
    QA , Test and Technical Manager looking for opportunities!
    QA Manager at Studio Wildcard
  • Sarah Saffari
    Sarah Saffari
    Social and Digital Intern at Verde Brand Communications
  • Bryan Fu
    Bryan Fu
    Contract Animator at Valkyrie Entertainment, LLC
    Contract Animator at Valkyrie Entertainment, LLC
  • Kristin Knight
    Kristin Knight
    Entrepreneur and investor for design-driven companies
    Founder and Chair at Filter, LLC
  • Vik Pandher
    Vik Pandher
    Aspiring Software Engineer
    Undergraduate Assistant at University of Washington
  • Jennae Numo
    Jennae Numo
    Founder, CEO of SoulMateTech, Marketing Manager, virtual, augmented and mixed reality enthusiast
    Brand Ambassador at GMR Marketing and Monster Energy